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Is your business or franchise expanding or relocating in Las Vegas?
Are you currently seeking to lease (or buy) commercial space?
Are you going it alone?
Why not get professional help... for free!!

When you lease (or buy) commercial space -- retail, office, professional, warehouse, industrial, medical, gaming, automotive or even raw land -- the landlord/seller has a professional representative negotiating the deal. The listing agent's duty is to get the landlord/seller the best deal possible at your expense. You go in by yourself with no professional guidance, while the landlord has a pro working for him. Would you go into a court case without an attorney? Neither would we. A major real estate deal is just as important as a court case and deserves the same expert representation.

At Jack Holler Commercial Real Estate, we act as your free, outsourced real estate department. We do a lot of the work for you, fight for your best interests, save you a ton of money, educate you on important issues and don't charge you a dime

It's a win-win situation for you: we save you work, time and money, while getting you professional guidance and much more favorable lease or purchase terms. We show you properties you might not be able to find on your own. We leverage our relationships and future-business potential to get you the best possible deal. We give you the time that most larger brokerages don't give to individual clients. Whether you're looking for 1,000sf or 1,000,000, we can save you 10-15% (and sometimes as much as 35%) on what you would likely pay without us. Even if you're just looking to renew or renegotiate your current lease, we can still save you hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars every month. Please read testimonials from a couple of our very satisfied clients.
Why do we work for you for free? The landlord has a percentage of your purchase or lease revenue set aside as a commission for his listing agent. If you buy or lease that property without representation of your own, the listing agent gets the full commission. Instead of you paying us, the listing agent is usually happy to split his commission with us as a reward for bringing you to his property.

Typical commercial real estate deals take anywhere from 2-4 months, so be sure to get started in plenty of time. The first step is a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll interview you in person or by phone to determine your situation, needs, and best course of action. You can take the first step by calling Joshua Cohen at 702-785-7654 or sending an email to

Don't go it alone! Help is here, and it's free!

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